2020 Kansas City Core Skills

2020 Kansas City Core Skills

KCEFT Community is pleased to welcome Core Skills Training back to Kansas City!  Core Skills is the second level of training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, after the Externship.

In the Core Skills Series, you will learn:

  • Module 1: Steps 1 and 2.  Participants will take a deeper look into creating the therapeutic alliance, assessment and techniques for identifying and reflecting the negative cycle.
  • Module 2: Steps 3 and 4.  Participants will look closer at deepening primary emotion for both withdrawers and pursuers.  Participants will also learn how to effectively reframe the negative cycle to help couples see the cycle as the enemy, not each other.
  • Module 3: Steps 5, 6 and 7 for Withdrawer Re-Engagement.  Participants will enter the world of the withdrawer and learn how to work with the withdrawn partner toward re-engagement and re-bonding.
  • Module 4: Steps 5, 6 and 7 for Pursuer Softening.  Participants will enter the world of the pursuer and learn how to work with pursuers toward softening and re-bonding.


  • Successful completion of the EFT Externship is required to attend Core Skills.
  • Participants must be working with at least one couple.
  • In order to successfully complete Core Skills, participants will be required to show a short video clip of their work with a couple.

By registering for Core Skills, you are committing to all four modules.


  • Exact Dates TBD
  • We will follow the following format:
    • Sunday: 1pm to 7pm
    • Monday: 8:30am to 4pm
    • Tuesday: 8:30am to 4pm
    • Wednesday: 8:30am to 3pm

Registration will open soon.  Please join the wait list to be personally notified when registration opens.

Please click here to be added to the wait list.

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